Frequently ask questions about escape rooms construction
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What is included?

Buying a ready to play escape room you receive a full set of decorations, furniture and riddles with control board, additional set of small pieces (that can be lost or stolen). Audio, photo and video for the escape room. Installation instruction. Video walkthrough. Examples of wall décor/painting (if required). Necessary support from our specialists during escape room installation. 6 months warranty.

For Escape Cube you will get absolutely ready-to-play and decorated walls (outside and inside), floor, ceiling decorations, two-way communication system, lighting inside the cube are added to the set – you receive the business which is fully ready to operate.

What is not included?

Delivery, packing, two-way communication system, doors, basic lighting (depends on the escape room)


Packaging in accordance with international transportation standards, on euro-pallets. Each item is packaged securely so you got all without any damage.

Escape Room Packing without a box (on pallets, film, Penoplex), USD Packing in a strong wooden box on pallets, USD
JUNGLE  400    600   
PIRATES NEW DESIGN 400    600   
PIRATE BAY  400    600   
MAGIC GOBLET  500    700   
MAYA CIVILIZATION  600    800   
 EXORCIST  600    800   
PHARAOH  600    800   
 GALAXY  600    800   
WIZARDS LEGEND  600    800   
SPACE BATTLE  600    800   
GAME OF STONES  700    900   
TIME MACHINE  700    900   
DA VINCI, TESLA - FUTURE  700    900   
JURASSIC ISLAND  700    900   
LILITH HORROR 700    900   
WONDERLAND  800    1000   
STEAM PUNK TRAIN  800    1000   
MAGIC SCHOOL  800    1000   
GAME OF STONES - 2 800    1000   
SPACE WARS 800    1100   
ESCAPE CUBES (4 sqm)  800    1 100   
ESCAPE CUBES (9 sqm)  1 100    1 600   
GADGETS   from 20, depending on CBM    from 50, depending on CBM   

What is required from me before I get the escape room?

You need to prepare electric wiring according to our scheme, floor, ceiling, paint the walls, install doors.

How escape rooms are delivered?

Delivery is calculated individually depending on your location. We help to organize the whole delivery process choosing the best option for you. Pricing depends on pack weight and dimensions as well as the way of delivery (truck, aircraft, ship).

Gadgets delivery

The price depends on the weigh:
up to 5 kg: 90 USD
5-10 kg: 140 USD
10-20 kg: 240 USD
20-30 kg: 340 USD
We ship by EMS service (door-to door), all packages are trackable

Do you produce separate gadgets?

Yes, any according your order. You may send samples or word description of what you need/want.

What are the production terms?

For ready-to-operate escape rooms – from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the escape room type and workload. Gadgets – up to 2 weeks.

How long the delivery takes?

It depends on your location. For Europe in case of truck delivery – about 10 days. In case of sending gadgets by courier service – 1-2 weeks. In case of air delivery – 5 days.

Can you come to install the escape room?

It is possible though not required, because all our escape rooms are prepared for installation in such a way, that it can be done by any person who is at least a bit good at electronics.

Can I order individual design for gadgets or escape room?

Yes, we offer any design and gadgets of any complexity

What are the payment terms?

After signing the agreement: 50% is prepayment, 50% after the work is completed – we send video of walkthrough or do live streaming

What if something breaks down?

We are in touch 18 hours a day. You can contact us by Skype/ Whatsapp /Facebook with all questions or complications. In case of any problems with our goods, we will help you to diagnose problem. Photos and videos are the best way to demonstrate them. If you have some problems or questions about our Escape rooms we can connect you via teamviewer and programm/reprogramm our puzzles online. If problem is caused by some internal issues, we will send you some spare parts.


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