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5 key factors that will make your escape room successfull next year!

Every escape room owner wants it to be a success. Every success story is trend-dependent. We ran a large-scale study among escape room owners in the USA, Europe and Russia to analyze the global trends underlying escape room industry and present the top 5 key factors to success. We will bring you stories, stats, real-life tools and cases from the escape room owners in the USA. Launch the next level of your escape room business!

Download the full presentation here:

Overview of Worldwide Escape Rooms Trade Shows

In this webinar you will learn:

We prepared a special webinar - for everyone who is interested in escape rooms events. Real experience and useful tips – decide which one you will visit next time!

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How to choose the best provider of your escape room?
No mistakes, no regrets.

In this webinar you will learn:

Do you think of making your 1st ER or expending your ER-business? Today our industry offers more and more. Some companies will offer you an post-paid ER made in 3 weeks (don`t believe this nonsense). Some others will offer you only a scenario by the price of the whole ER.
How to avoid mistakes choosing your provider?

We will tell you all the secrets, reveal risks and hidden obstacles.
Join us on the free webinar on February 7 at 16.00.

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How to earn more on Christmas and New Year holidays? Special webinar for ER owners.

In this webinar you will learn:

The high season begins in less than 1 month! Are you ready? What is worth focusing on to give your customers holiday emotions? At this webinar we will share our experiences in Christmas and NY preparations for ER owners. Register now and you will be able to view the webinar at any time convenient for you!


In this webinar you will learn:

We will talk about different ways how to make sure that your ER receives the maximum number of 5 star reviews on your site, tripadvisor or YEP and other on-lina and off-line resources.
Register for our 20-minutes webinar now, and you will get a personal link for your access.

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Do you want to know how to choose the best strategy for promoting your escape room business and get an inexhaustible stream of players?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to advertise and promote your ER business
  • How ER companies around the world promote their rooms
  • How to choose your own, most effective set of advertising tools to increase your sales
  • The results of the study and the competition for its participants
New webinar about escape room promotion:


What is most important thing in your escape room? It is a scenario.
How to make it interesting, playable and profitable? Where to get WOW-ideas, how to come up with riddles?
We will tell you all the secrets and even give you a real example of escape room scenario with all puzzles!

Join us now if you want to know:

  • How to choose a successful ER theme
  • How to create a complete, fascinating, logical and unpredictable scenario from a variety of different puzzles
  • How to avoid mistakes and make your room successful!

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New webinar about creating ER scenario:


Do you want to learn all the secrets of escape room creation?
We`ve already built more than 170 escape rooms in 20 countries, we own the chain of 40 rooms, we communicate with the whole escape world and we will share with you the best practices of starting up successful escape rooms!
Get your access to live webinars and secret materials from escape room experts!
First webinar:

Join us now If you want to:

  • Not to pay for seminars at conferences
  • Get free and the latest knowledges from escape room experts
  • Start up or expand your own escape room business
  • Use best international practices from escape room builders


  • We don't work with a lot of agents, but create escape rooms at our own 700 m2 production facility.
  • Highly experienced and carefully selected engineers and carpenters, scene designers and decorators work with Indestroom.
  • Coordinated work of decorators and engineers allows to quickly create high quality and solid riddles.
  • Except ready solutions we will create for you any unique puzzles and decorations thought out to the last detail.


We have created more than 160 escape rooms all over the world




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